Michael Cohalan brings a unique fusion of form and function to his designs, with a special emphasis on green design.  In collaboration with his clients, the character, style and ambiance of a project is in alignment with the elements of space, form and structure. A passion for mathematical purity manifests itself in custom-designed homes and additions, multi-family residential, and commercial, institutional and mixed-use architecture.  Other services include design consulting and consultation as an architectural expert witness for legal cases.
Standard services include program development, schematic design, design development, construction documents (construction drawings and specifications), solicitation of bids, and construction phase services. Standard services for additions and renovations often include the creation of measured drawings of existing structures.
Mr. Cohalan, trained on the drawing board as an expert draftsman, is also proficient in the use of computer assisted design and drafting (CADD). Sketches and models during the Design Development phase assist in visualizing the design and exploring the options with clients. He typically explores schematic design concepts in pencil sketch form on the drawing board and follows up with three dimensional design development illustrations utilizing 3D CAD modeling and rendering techniques (see: Architectural Projects Modeled in 3D CAD).
Bringing the conceptual ideas to reality involves the preparation of construction documents in the form of working drawings and specifications which are used to obtain a building permit, solicit bids from general contractors and to construct the building. Complete standard services involves the architect representing the client during the construction phase of the project.
When appropriate for the size and type of project, Mr. Cohalan coordinates the services of engineering consultants, such as; civil engineers and surveyors, structural, plumbing, mechanical and electrical engineers. These services may also include the coordination of landscape architects and cost estimating consultants.